A Smart Phone Called Apple


The past decade has produced and developed a lot of interesting products that affected people’s lives so much especially relating to communications. Some would cater to enthusiasts and professionals and some served immediately into the mainstream. One of these amazing products introduced into the market is the smart phone.

The first smart phone was released to the public in 1993 by a company, and it took years for this product to go into the mainstream until another brand was released in 2001. By 2008, there were already around 100 million smart phones sold out to consumers. The breakaway came from the Apple iPhone that was introduced in the middle of 2007. It was recorded that instantly, the product sold  a million of units of iPhone, for just a matter of 3 days.

As you may know by now, the Apple iPhone has two versions, the original model iPhone and being followed by the iPhone 3G. The main difference is just being with the 3G support. The features that set the Apple iPhone apart from its competitors are its built-in accelerometer, the touch screen driven interface, and undeniably its cool name Apple.

The maximum storage capacity that can be observed by these two models so far remained the same at 16GB. The second model only does not have anymore the model entry level 4GB. The Apple iPhone has its minor faults too like low resolution camera, lack of essential copy-paste feature and some 3G related performance complaints. Another concern is the very short battery life of smart phones, especially when one uses it to surf the web. You can get your iPhone repair here!

There are nowadays very strong competitions in the world of smart phones that an Apple iPhone has to face. However, despite these competitions, the product relies on two factors that can make it stay ahead of these competitors, and these are great customer support and smart marketing.

It is a fact that apple store is considered as synonymous with the computer market, and the launching of its mobile phone simply called as the iPhone. This product is so sought after and with so much hype for some reasons. The first reason is its calling features that has a simple process of tapping simply a name or number from the address book, on call log or favourites list. One can also listen to the voice mail which comes in handy when you are prioritizing your calls over personal messages.


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